The Essential Guide to Golf Towels for Every Golfer

Golf is more than just a game of clubs, balls, and tees. It’s about precision, passion, and having the right tools at your disposal, including trusty golf towels.

1. Introduction to the Importance of Golf Towels

Golf towels are more than just an accessory; they are an essential part of a golfer’s gear. Imagine preparing for a pivotal shot, only to find your hands slick with sweat or your club grip slippery from morning dew. This is where the golf towel becomes your unsung hero, ensuring that minor inconveniences don’t turn into game-changing moments. In this section, we’ll explore why a golf towel is a must-have for any golfer, highlighting its multifunctional use that extends beyond just wiping hands or cleaning the ball. We’ll delve into its role in maintaining equipment, improving grip, and ensuring overall hygiene and comfort during the game.

2. Materials and Durability

Cotton Towels

  • Terry Cotton: Renowned for its looped design, terry cotton towels are thick, plush, and highly absorbent, making them perfect for removing moisture and dirt effectively. While they offer excellent absorption, their bulkier design can be a downside for golfers looking for a more compact option.
  • Pima or Supima Cotton: These towels are woven from premium cotton fibers known for their extra length, which translates into unparalleled softness and enhanced durability. Pima or Supima cotton towels are the epitome of luxury, offering a superior feel without compromising on functionality.

Microfiber Towels

  • Characteristics: Microfiber towels are celebrated for their lightweight composition and exceptional absorbency, capable of holding up to seven times their weight in water. Their quick-drying nature is particularly advantageous on the golf course, allowing for speedy clean-ups and ensuring that the towel is ready for use whenever needed.

Durability Factors

  • Construction Quality: The longevity of a golf towel is significantly influenced by its construction. Look for towels with double-stitched edges to prevent fraying and ensure that the towel can withstand the rigors of regular use.
  • Color Fastness: The quality of the dye used in the towel’s fabric is crucial for maintaining its appearance. A high-quality dye ensures that the towel doesn’t fade quickly, keeping it looking pristine for longer.
  • Attachment Features: A durable grommet or clip is essential for securing the towel to your bag, ensuring it remains accessible throughout the round. This feature also helps prevent the towel from getting lost or blowing away, making it a practical consideration for any golfer.

3. Eco-friendly Golf Towels: A Step Towards Sustainability

Eco-friendly Golf Towels: A Step Towards Sustainability

In today’s environmentally-conscious society, the golf industry is also taking strides towards sustainability, with eco-friendly golf towels leading the way. These towels are designed with the planet in mind, using materials that reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance or style. Here’s a closer look at the options available for the green-minded golfer:

Bamboo Towels

  • Sustainability: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, growing back quickly after harvesting, which makes it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Features: Known for its natural antibacterial properties, bamboo fiber towels are not only soft and absorbent but also durable and biodegradable. They offer a fresh feeling for longer periods, making them ideal for the golf course.

Organic Cotton Towels

  • Eco-friendly Cultivation: Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. This process excludes the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, reducing pollution and conserving water.
  • Benefits: Towels made from organic cotton provide the same softness and absorbency as those made from conventional cotton, but with the added benefit of being more planet-friendly.

Recycled Material Towels

  • Innovative Recycling: Towels crafted from recycled materials, such as polyester from plastic bottles, are becoming increasingly popular. This approach helps reduce landfill waste and conserves resources by repurposing existing materials.
  • Advantages: These towels offer a sustainable alternative without sacrificing quality or functionality, making them a smart choice for environmentally-minded golfers.

4. Customizing Your Golf Towel: Personal Style on the Greens

Customizing your golf towel is not just about making a fashion statement; it’s about expressing your personality, promoting your brand, or commemorating a special event. Here’s how you can personalize your towel:


  • Personal Touch: Add a sophisticated flair to your golf towel with embroidery. Whether it’s your initials, full name, or a bespoke logo, embroidered details ensure your towel is uniquely yours.
  • Durability: Embroidery is long-lasting, ensuring your custom design remains vibrant and intact over time, even with frequent use and washes.

Printed Designs

  • Creative Freedom: Choose from a wide range of printed designs, or create your own, to showcase your individuality. From inspiring quotes to artistic patterns, the possibilities are endless.
  • Visibility: Printed towels are eye-catching and can be a conversation starter, reflecting your personal interests or commemorating memorable golf outings.

Corporate Customization

  • Brand Exposure: For businesses, customizing golf towels with the company logo or event branding is an effective marketing tool. It enhances brand visibility and leaves a lasting impression on clients and partners.
  • Versatility: Customized golf towels are not only practical for golf events but also serve as cherished keepsakes for participants, extending brand exposure beyond the golf course.

Special Features

  • Functionality: Some golf towels come with innovative features, such as pockets for holding tees or ball markers. These design elements add convenience and functionality, proving that style and practicality can go hand in hand.

5. Size Does Count: Choosing the Right Golf Towel for Your Needs

Size Does Count: Choosing the Right Golf Towel for Your Needs

The size of your golf towel can significantly impact its effectiveness on the course. Whether you’re a casual golfer or a professional, selecting the right size towel can enhance your playing experience by ensuring you’re well-prepared for any situation. In this section, we’ll explore the different sizes of golf towels available and help you determine which size best fits your golfing needs.

Standard Golf Towels

  • Dimensions: The most common size for golf towels is approximately 16 x 25 inches. This size provides a good balance between usability and convenience, making it a popular choice among golfers of all levels.
  • Uses: Standard-sized golf towels are versatile, ideal for drying hands, wiping sweat, cleaning golf balls, and polishing club heads. Their size allows them to be easily hung from your golf bag without being too bulky or cumbersome.
  • Benefits: For casual and weekend golfers, a standard golf towel offers sufficient surface area for general use without taking up too much space in your bag.

Oversized Golf Towels

  • Dimensions: Oversized golf towels typically measure around 20 x 40 inches or larger, providing extra space for more extensive cleaning tasks.
  • Advantages: These larger towels are especially useful on wet or muddy days when you might need additional towel surface to clean your equipment or dry your hands. They’re also great for golfers who tend to sweat more, offering more absorbent material to help keep you comfortable throughout your round.
  • Considerations: While the extra size can be beneficial, it’s important to consider that oversized towels will take up more space in your golf bag and may be heavier, especially when wet. Ensure your golf bag has ample space to accommodate a larger towel if you opt for this size.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Golf Towel

  1. Assess Your Needs: Consider the typical conditions in which you play golf. If you often play in wet or muddy conditions, an oversized towel may be more beneficial. For dry conditions or casual play, a standard towel might suffice.
  2. Space in Your Bag: Check how much space you have available in your golf bag. If you’re tight on space, a standard towel might be a better choice. However, if you have room to spare, an oversized towel could provide added convenience.
  3. Personal Preference: Some golfers prefer having more towel than they need, just in case, while others prioritize minimizing their carry. Your personal preference and play style will greatly influence the best towel size for you.

6. Attachments and Ease of Use: Enhancing Your Golf Experience

The functionality of a golf towel extends beyond its material or size; how it attaches to your bag or cart is equally crucial for convenience and efficiency on the course. A well-attached towel ensures it’s always within reach, whether you’re cleaning your hands, wiping off a club, or drying a golf ball. Let’s delve into the types of attachments available for golf towels and how they can impact your game.

Clip Attachments

  • Quick Access: Clip attachments are designed for golfers who prioritize speed and convenience. These clips allow you to quickly attach or detach your towel from your bag or cart, making it effortlessly accessible at a moment’s notice.
  • Versatility: Many golf towels with clip attachments come with a carabiner or a similar clip that can easily latch onto any loop or ring on your golf bag. This versatility means you can place your towel exactly where you need it, whether for easy reach or to balance your bag’s weight.
  • Consideration: While the clip attachment offers convenience, it’s essential to ensure the clip is durable and securely fastened to the towel. A weak clip might result in the towel detaching and getting lost during play.

Loop Attachments

  • Security: For golfers who traverse rough terrains or move a lot on the course, the loop attachment offers added security. By threading a part of your bag through the towel’s loop, you can be sure that your towel remains attached, regardless of the course’s conditions.
  • Simplicity: Despite being more secure, loop attachments are still relatively straightforward to use. They might require a bit more time to attach or detach compared to clips but ensure that the towel stays with you throughout the round.
  • Integration: Many golf bags come with specific rings or hooks designed for loop attachments, making it easy to integrate the towel into your setup without it getting in the way of accessing your clubs or other gear.

Choosing the Right Attachment for Your Golf Towel

When deciding between clip and loop attachments for your golf towel, consider your playing habits and preferences:

  • Convenience vs. Security: If you frequently need to remove your towel for cleaning balls or clubs away from your bag, a clip attachment offers the convenience of quick detachment. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about your towel staying put through the ups and downs of the game, a loop attachment might be more up your alley.
  • Ease of Use: Consider how easy it is to attach and detach the towel, especially in cold or wet conditions when your dexterity might be compromised.
  • Durability: Ensure that the attachment mechanism is made from durable materials, resistant to rust or breakage, to withstand the elements and the test of time.

7. Spotlight on Top Golf Towel Brands and Their Standout Products

Spotlight on Top Golf Towel Brands and Their Standout Products

Golf towels are an essential accessory for any golfer, providing a convenient way to keep equipment clean and maintain a firm grip on the club. With a variety of options available, choosing the right one can significantly enhance your golfing experience. Here’s a review of twelve popular golf towels, highlighting their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.


1. Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel

The Handy Picks Microfiber Golf Towel is a compact and efficient cleaning solution for golfers on the go.


  • Compact size (16″ X 16″) fits easily in a pocket or attached to a bag.
  • Superb cleaning ability with a waffle pattern design for thorough cleaning.
  • Comes with a carabiner clip for easy attachment and a hook and loop fastener for organization.
  • The pack includes 3 towels, making it great value for money.


  • Some users might find the towel too small for extensive cleaning tasks.

2. Titleist Players Microfiber Golf Towel

A premium option from a trusted brand, the Titleist Players Towel offers both performance and size.


  • Larger size (16″ x 32″) for more extensive use.
  • Made from new performance microfiber material for superior absorbency.
  • Bleed free and consumer-friendly for easy carry and use.


  • Higher price point compared to other options.

3. STICKIT Magnetic Golf Towel

The STICKIT Towel combines convenience with innovation, thanks to its magnetic attachment.


  • Industrial strength magnet for secure attachment to carts or clubs.
  • Large size (29″ x 29″) and top-tier microfiber for excellent water absorption.
  • Deep waffle pockets for efficient cleaning of grooves and trapping dirt.
  • Removable magnetic patch allows for safe washing.


  • The premium features come at a higher cost.
  • Magnet may not attach to non-metallic surfaces.

4. Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel

An affordable and practical choice, the Mile High Life Towel offers great features at a lower price.


  • Tri-fold design with a heavy-duty carabiner clip for secure attachment.
  • Microfiber fabric with a waffle pattern for effective cleaning.
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry.
  • Available in multiple colors to match your golf bag.


  • Smaller size (16”x21”) may not suit all cleaning needs.

5. RYL/T Magnetic Golf Towel with Center Cut and Loop Attachment

A versatile and strong-holding option for golfers who prefer a magnetic attachment.


  • Strong magnet attaches to anything metallic for convenience.
  • Wind-tested durability, ensuring the towel stays in place.
  • Machine washable and fade-resistant microfiber quality.
  • Unique center cut opening for easy attachment to clubs.


  • Only one size and color option available.

6. Team Golf MLB Microfiber Towel

For the sports fan, the Team Golf MLB Towel combines functionality with team spirit.



  • Sports team-themed design for personal expression.
  • Soft and absorbent microfiber material with a waffle pattern for easy cleaning.
  • Mold resistant, ensuring longevity and hygiene.
  • Made in the USA, offering quality craftsmanship.


  • Limited to MLB teams, which might not appeal to all golfers.
  • Smaller size (15″ x 15″) may not be sufficient for all uses.

Callaway TW CG Trifold Towel

The Callaway TW CG Trifold Towel offers a blend of functionality and convenience, designed to meet all your cleaning needs on the course.


  • Multi-textured design effectively cleans different surfaces.
  • Quick snap attachment for easy access.
  • Compact and convenient size (16″ x 21″) for carrying.


  • Some may find the towel too small for extensive cleaning needs.

Wolf Golf Towels – May The Course Be With You

This towel combines functionality with a playful design, making it a great gift for any golf enthusiast.


  • Premium microfiber waffle material excels at removing dirt and drying clubs and balls.
  • Heavy-duty carabiner clip for secure attachment to golf bags.
  • Professionally embroidered, adding a touch of quality and durability.
  • Perfect as a gift due to its unique design and high functionality.


  • The themed design might not appeal to all golfers.

DYJYBMY Swing Swear Repeat Funny Golf Towel

This towel offers humor along with high functionality, making it a standout accessory for any golfer.


  • Soft, fast-drying, and lightweight microfiber material.
  • Humanized design with a sturdy carabiner for secure attachment.
  • Double-sided waffle weave for effective cleaning of clubs and balls.


  • The funny slogan might not be everyone’s preference.
  • Absorbency could be improved according to some reviews.

TaylorMade Microfiber Cart Towel

A high-quality option from a trusted brand, the TaylorMade towel is designed for durability and performance.


  • Soft and absorbent waffle-weave construction.
  • Nylon webbing bag loop for easy attachment.
  • Optimal size (15″ x 24″) for handling various cleaning tasks.


  • Limited to one color option (gray), which might not suit all preferences.

Nike Performance Golf Towel

This towel from Nike combines brand quality with functional design, ideal for any golfer looking for a reliable cleaning tool.


  • Made from 100% cotton, ensuring softness and high absorbency.
  • Quick-drying and lightweight, making it convenient for use on the course.
  • Carabiner clasp for secure and easy attachment to bags.


  • Some might prefer a microfiber material for quicker drying times.

Team Golf MLB Embroidered Golf Towel

For the sports fan golfer, this towel offers a way to show team pride while enjoying a round of golf.



  • Checkered scrubber design and swivel clip for easy cleaning and attachment.
  • 100% cotton material for softness and absorbency.
  • Embroidered logo of your favorite teams adds a personal touch.


  • Specific to MLB teams, which might not appeal to all users.
  • Tri-fold design might be bulkier than other options.

Whether you’re looking for a towel with superior cleaning capabilities, a strong and convenient attachment, or one that showcases your favorite sports team, there’s an option for every golfer. Consider your specific needs, such as size, material, attachment type, and aesthetic preferences, to choose the golf towel that best suits your game.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping Your Golf Towel in Top Condition

Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping Your Golf Towel in Top Condition

A golf towel is an indispensable tool for any golfer, aiding in everything from cleaning equipment to ensuring dry hands for a better grip. However, like any tool, its effectiveness is directly related to how well it is maintained. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance not only extend the life of your golf towel but also ensure it performs optimally when you need it most. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to keep your golf towel clean and well-maintained.

Regular Washing

  • Frequency: Ideally, your golf towel should be washed after each use. This helps remove dirt, grime, and sweat that accumulate during a game, preventing the build-up of bacteria and ensuring the towel remains hygienic and odor-free.
  • Method: Most golf towels, whether they are made from cotton, microfiber, or a blend, can be washed in a washing machine. Use a gentle cycle with cold or warm water and a mild detergent to prevent damage to the fibers and ensure the towel maintains its absorbency and softness.
  • Pre-treatment: If your towel is heavily soiled, pre-treat any stains with a stain remover before washing. This is particularly useful for removing grass or mud stains that are common on golf towels.

Drying Your Towel

  • Air Drying: Whenever possible, air dry your golf towel. Air drying helps maintain the integrity of the fibers and can prevent shrinkage, especially in cotton towels. If you have a microfiber towel, air drying is also preferred to maintain its softness and absorbency.
  • Tumble Drying: If you need to use a dryer, choose a low heat setting to prevent damage. High temperatures can cause the fibers in your towel to break down over time, reducing its lifespan and effectiveness.

Additional Care Tips

  • Avoid Fabric Softeners: While fabric softeners can make towels feel softer, they can also reduce their absorbency by coating the fibers. This is especially true for microfiber towels, which rely on their ability to absorb significantly more moisture than their weight.
  • Separate Colors: Wash your golf towel with similar colors to avoid color bleeding, especially if it’s a bright or dark color. This is important for maintaining the vibrant colors of your towel over time.
  • Regular Inspection: Check your towel regularly for signs of wear and tear, such as fraying edges or loose threads. Promptly repairing any damage can extend the life of your towel.

9. Aesthetic Appeal: Combining Functionality with Style

In the world of golf, where tradition meets modernity, the aesthetic appeal of your gear can speak volumes. Golf towels, often overlooked as mere functional accessories, have evolved into symbols of personal style and identity on the course. Let’s delve into how personalized and themed golf towels can elevate your golfing experience, making a statement while serving their primary purpose.

Personalized Golf Towels

  • Customization Options: Personalization can range from simple monograms and names to intricate designs including motivational quotes or custom graphics. This level of customization not only adds a personal touch to your gear but also makes your towel easily identifiable.
  • Gift Ideas: A personalized golf towel is a thoughtful and practical gift for any golfer. It shows attention to detail and consideration for the recipient’s passion for the game.
  • Making a Statement: Personalized towels are a way to express individuality. Whether it’s showcasing your personal motto, a significant date, or a logo that means something special to you, these towels allow golfers to make a personal statement on the course.

Themed and Branded Towels

  • Brand Loyalty: Many golfers choose to showcase their loyalty to their favorite golf brands through their accessories. Branded towels not only serve their functional purpose but also signal a golfer’s preference for certain golfing equipment and apparel.
  • Themes: From classic patterns to modern designs, themed golf towels can reflect a wide range of interests—be it a favorite sports team, a patriotic theme, or a nod to vintage golfing eras. Themed towels add a layer of fun and personality to your golf bag.

10. Why Every Golfer Needs One

Golf towels play an essential role in the golfer's toolkit. Here are a few reasons why:

Golf towels play an essential role in the golfer’s toolkit. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Cleanliness: They are crucial for keeping the golf balls and clubs clean, which can affect the trajectory and spin of the ball.
  • Grip: A clean, dry grip is essential for a successful swing. Golf towels help ensure your hands and the club’s handle are free from moisture and dirt.
  • Comfort: On hot days, a golf towel can be a lifesaver for wiping away sweat, keeping you comfortable and focused on your game.

11. Picking the Right Towel for You

Selecting a golf towel is a personal decision that should reflect not only your style but also your functional needs. Here are a few considerations:

  • Climate: If you often play in hot, humid conditions, look for a towel with high absorbency and quick-drying capabilities. In cooler, muddier climates, a towel with more substantial fabric might be preferable.
  • Personal Needs: Consider what you use your towel for the most—cleaning equipment, drying hands, or wiping sweat—and choose a material and size that best suits these needs.
  • Style: Lastly, don’t forget to consider the aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer a sleek, monogrammed towel or one adorned with vibrant designs, your golf towel should reflect your personal style.

12. Conclusion

In the vast world of golf accessories, the humble golf towel holds its own. It’s not just about keeping clean; it’s about optimizing every shot, every swing, and every game. So, the next time you’re on the course, swing with confidence, knowing your trusty golf towel has got your back.


13. FAQs

  1. How often should I replace my golf towel?
    Depending on wear and tear, a good towel can last multiple seasons. However, if it’s no longer absorbent, consider an upgrade.
  2. Do colored golf towels fade with time?
    With exposure to the sun and frequent washing, some fading is natural.
  3. Can I use my regular bath towel as a golf towel?
    While possible, golf towels are designed specifically for the needs of the game, from size to attachment options.
  4. Are there eco-friendly golf towel options?
    Yes! Many brands offer towels made from sustainable materials or processes.
  5. Do pros use specific types of golf towels?
    Pros might have brand affiliations, but the key is always functionality. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, pick what’s best for your game.

Grab your clubs, your balls, and of course, your golf towel, and let’s make every game count!


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