Simi Hills Golf Course: A Comprehensive Review and Guide


Ever been to a golf course that feels like home? That’s Simi Hills Golf Course for me. Nestled amidst the picturesque settings, this place is an oasis for golf lovers like you and me. Why? Let’s dive in.

A Brief History of Simi Hills Golf Course

Simi Hills Golf Course, established in the late 20th century, was the brainchild of renowned golf course architects who wanted to capture the essence of the region’s beauty and translate it into a golfer’s paradise. Over the decades, it has seen multiple renovations and updates to keep up with the modern needs of golfers. The course has been host to many local legends and has been the backdrop for numerous thrilling tournaments, cementing its place in the annals of local golf history.

The Course Layout

Simi Hills Golf Course, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Simi Valley, is renowned for its meticulously designed course layout. This layout is not just a test of a golfer’s skill but a journey through beautifully crafted landscapes. The course is characterized by its varied terrain, blending natural topography with sophisticated golf architecture.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Terrain: The course incorporates the natural undulating hills and valleys of the Simi Valley, offering a unique challenge at each turn.
  • Strategic Design: Each hole is designed to challenge golfers, demanding a blend of tactical thinking and skillful play.

Par and Distance at Simi Hills Golf Course

The Simi Hills Golf Course stands out for its perfect balance between challenge and accessibility, thanks to its thoughtfully set par and distance.


  • Challenging Distance: The course spans a distance that tests both strategic play and power game. This balance ensures that both seasoned players and amateurs find the course engaging and challenging.
  • Varied Pars: The par setup at Simi Hills is carefully crafted, with each hole presenting a different challenge. This variety keeps the game exciting and unpredictable.

Signature Holes at Simi Hills Golf Course

Simi Hills Golf Course is home to several signature holes, each offering a unique and unforgettable golfing experience. These holes are not just about the play; they are about the experience and the memories they create.


  • Iconic Holes: Certain holes at Simi Hills are famed for their distinctive features and the extraordinary golfing experience they provide.
  • Memorable Experiences: Playing these signature holes is akin to participating in a piece of golfing history. The mix of natural beauty and challenging play makes each shot memorable.

Simi Hills Golf Course: A Haven of Top-Tier Facilities and Amenities

Simi Hills Golf Course, celebrated for its stunning layout and challenging gameplay, also boasts a range of top-tier facilities and amenities. These features not only enhance the golfing experience but also cater to the comfort and needs of every visitor, making it a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

Pro Shop: A Golfer’s Paradise

  • Wide Selection: The Pro Shop at Simi Hills is a treasure trove for golfers, offering the latest gear and accessories.
  • Expert Advice: Staffed with knowledgeable professionals, the shop provides expert advice to help you make the perfect choice.

Practice Areas: Perfecting Your Game

  • Spacious Greens: The practice areas at Simi Hills are expansive, providing ample space for golfers to refine their skills.
  • Diverse Terrains: These areas mimic various course conditions, allowing golfers to practice under different scenarios.

Dining and Refreshments: Satisfying Your Appetite

  • Delicious Offerings: The dining facilities at Simi Hills serve a range of mouth-watering dishes, perfect for replenishing after a game.
  • Relaxing Ambiance: The dining area offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, making it a great spot to unwind.

Locker Rooms: Comfort and Convenience

  • Spacious Design: The locker rooms at Simi Hills are roomy and well-organized, providing a comfortable space for preparation and relaxation.
  • Well-Maintained Facilities: These rooms are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring a pleasant experience for all guests.

Cart Rentals: Navigating the Course with Ease

  • Advanced GPS Technology: The golf carts at Simi Hills are equipped with the latest GPS systems, ensuring easy navigation throughout the course.
  • Convenient Access: These carts are readily available, making it easy for golfers to traverse the expansive grounds.

Event Spaces: Ideal for Gatherings

  • Scenic Venues: The event spaces at Simi Hills offer stunning views of the golf course, creating a perfect backdrop for any gathering.
  • Versatile Facilities: These spaces are suitable for a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to large corporate functions.

Playing Experience at Simi Hills Golf Course

Playing Experience at Simi Hills Golf Course

Simi Hills Golf Course offers an unparalleled playing experience, balancing challenging gameplay with rewarding outcomes. This course is designed to intrigue and delight golfers of all skill levels, creating memorable moments with every swing.

Challenges and Rewards: Mastering the Course

  • Intriguing Layout: The course at Simi Hills features a variety of tricky spots, each designed to test your skills and strategic thinking.
  • Rewarding Outcomes: Successfully navigating these challenges is immensely satisfying, akin to conquering a tough par 3. It’s a test of skill and resilience.
  • Unforgettable Moments: Each hole presents a unique challenge, making the game not just about the score, but also about the experience and the journey.

Ideal for All Skill Levels: Inclusive and Inviting

  • Welcoming to Newbies: If you’re just starting out, Simi Hills offers an accessible yet stimulating environment to develop your skills.
  • Challenging for Pros: Seasoned golfers will find the course equally engaging, with plenty of opportunities to push their limits.
  • Fresh Experience Every Time: No matter how many times you play, Simi Hills promises a new experience with each visit. The course’s dynamic nature ensures that no two rounds are ever the same.

Events and Tournaments

Simi Hills has been a sought-after venue for both local and regional tournaments. The annual ‘Simi Valley Open’ attracts players from all over the state, making it a spectacle filled with thrill and excitement. Moreover, the course has been privileged to host several charity events, further solidifying its reputation as not just a golf destination but a community pillar.


Tips for First-Timers

Familiarize yourself with the course layout by checking out the Simi Hills Golf Course website or any associated apps

Considering your first game here? Remember, while power is essential, strategy is king.

  • Course Research
    Familiarize yourself with the course layout by checking out the Simi Hills Golf Course website or any associated apps. Knowing what’s ahead can boost your confidence.
  • Dress Code
    Many golf courses, including Simi Hills, have a dress code. Typically, collared shirts and golf shoes are required. Avoid jeans or gym shorts. When in doubt, call ahead.
  • Arrive Early
    Especially if it’s your first time, arrive at least 30 minutes before your tee time. This allows you to check in, warm up, and maybe even hit a few practice balls.
  • Start at the Practice Range
    If you’re feeling nervous, spend some time on the practice range. Hitting some balls and getting a feel for your swing can be a great confidence booster.
  • Know the Etiquette
    Golf is a game of etiquette. Understand basic rules like not talking during someone’s swing, not stepping on someone’s putting line, and maintaining a steady pace of play.
  • Stay Hydrated and Protected
    The sun in Simi Valley can be unforgiving. Carry a water bottle, wear a hat, apply sunscreen, and consider wearing UV-protective clothing.
  • Rent or Bring the Right Equipment
    If you don’t own clubs, Simi Hills offers rental sets. Ensure they fit your height and skill level. Also, remember to count your clubs; most courses allow a maximum of 14 in your bag.
  • Play the Right Tees
    Don’t over-challenge yourself. If you’re new to the game or just getting back into it, consider playing from the front tees.
  • Keep Score, But Don’t Obsess
    While it’s fun to keep score, remember you’re there to enjoy yourself. Don’t let a bad hole ruin your entire round.
  • Enjoy the Scenery
    One of the standout features of Simi Hills is its beautiful landscape. Take a moment on each hole to appreciate the views and the serenity.
  • Ask for Advice
    The staff and regulars at Simi Hills are generally friendly. If you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Stay Calm and Patient
    Remember, everyone was a beginner once. If you make a mistake or hit a bad shot, take a deep breath, learn from it, and move on.
  • Post-Round Activities
    After your round, it’s customary to shake hands with your playing partners and thank them for the game. Consider visiting the clubhouse for a meal or drink to reminisce about the day’s highlights.

Environmental Initiatives

In a bid to be sustainable, Simi Hills has taken numerous green initiatives:

  • Water Conservation: The course employs a state-of-the-art irrigation system, ensuring minimal water wastage.
  • Wildlife Protection: The management actively works to preserve the local flora and fauna, maintaining several protected zones within the course limits.
  • Tree Planting: Every year, hundreds of trees are planted to not only enhance the beauty but to offset the carbon footprint.

Why I Love Simi Hills Golf Course

Golf courses, in many ways, are like individual canvases that paint a story – each one unique, offering its nuances, challenges, and breathtaking views. Simi Hills Golf Course, in this vast landscape of golf terrains, has always held a special place in my heart. Let me walk you through the reasons why:

  1. The Scenic Beauty
    Every time I step onto Simi Hills, I’m taken aback by its pristine beauty. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and complemented by crystal-clear ponds, this golf course is a picturesque haven. The mature oaks, the occasional rustling of leaves, and the vibrant hues of the fairways never cease to amaze me.
  2. Challenging Yet Rewarding
    As an avid golfer, I crave challenges that push me to the edge, and Simi Hills delivers on this front. Each hole, with its distinct character, makes me strategize and rethink. Yet, when I conquer these challenges, the sense of accomplishment is unparalleled.
  3. Impeccable Maintenance
    A golf course’s quality is often determined by its maintenance, and the team at Simi Hills does a commendable job. Whether it’s the perfectly manicured greens, the strategically raked bunkers, or the trimmed roughs, attention to detail is evident everywhere.
  4. Friendly Atmosphere
    Every visit feels like coming home. The staff is warm and welcoming, always ready to assist or share a light-hearted joke. Fellow golfers, irrespective of their skill levels, respect each other’s space, making the entire experience harmonious.
  5. Versatility
    One of the things I truly appreciate is its versatility. Whether you’re a newbie trying to find your footing or a seasoned pro seeking challenges, Simi Hills caters to all. The multiple tees are a testament to its inclusivity.
  6. Learning Opportunities
    The practice facilities at Simi Hills are top-notch. The driving range, chipping area, and putting greens offer ample opportunities to hone skills and improve the game.
  7. Sustainability Focus
    In today’s times, sustainability is vital. Simi Hills’ commitment to eco-friendly practices, from water conservation to habitat protection, is truly commendable.
  8. The 19th Hole Experience
    After an intense game, there’s nothing like relaxing at the clubhouse. The ambiance, the food, the drink – it’s the perfect setting to unwind and share stories of the day’s game.
  9. Events and Tournaments
    Throughout the year, Simi Hills hosts various events and tournaments. These not only offer a competitive platform but also foster camaraderie among the golfing community.
  10. Value for Money
    Last but not least, the value proposition. For the facilities and experience it offers, the pricing is incredibly reasonable. It makes luxury golfing accessible.

Pricing and Membership

Simi Hills offers a variety of packages tailored for every golfer:

  • Standard Membership: Unlimited access to the course, practice areas, and special members-only events.
  • Weekday Membership: For those who prefer the tranquillity of weekday golfing, this package offers a budget-friendly option.
  • Guest Fees: Competitive rates for non-members, with special discounts during off-peak hours.
  • Cart Rental Fees: Nominal fees for those looking to rent GPS-enabled carts.

Location and Accessibility

Situated just a short drive from downtown, reaching Simi Hills is a journey through scenic landscapes. For those traveling from the city, the easiest route is via the Route 27 highway, offering breathtaking views of the valleys. Public transportation options, such as local bus services, also have stops near the entrance, making it accessible for everyone.


All in all, Simi Hills Golf Course is more than just a golf course. It’s an experience, a journey, and most importantly, a place that every golf enthusiast should visit at least once. See you there?



  1. How do I book a tee time at Simi Hills?
    Booking is simple through their official website or a quick call to their front desk.
  2. Is there a dress code?
    Yes, typical golf attire is expected. It’s best to check their specific guidelines before visiting.
  3. Can I take lessons at Simi Hills?
    Absolutely! They have certified professionals offering lessons for all skill levels.
  4. Are there any stay options nearby?
    The region has multiple hotels and B&Bs to suit various budgets.
  5. Do they offer club rentals?
    Yes, they do. Both for beginners and seasoned players.


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